BREAKING NEWS – According to an inside source VoiceStar, a leading phone-to-web marketing tracking and solutions provider has just been acquired by Marchex Search Marketing for an undisclosed sum.

Congratulations Marchex! From my dealings with VoiceStar so far and what I know of their incredible solutions this is one exceptional buy.

In the interest of full disclosure this news came first hand from a top VoiceStar employee but lacked details so I do not know whether the acquisition has completed or is in final talks but the phrase “we just got bought” was stated very succinctly.

Update, 2:31 PST, August 9th.

Barry Schwartz just notified me that Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land updated the public about an hour and a half after my release. Apparently the reported purchase came to the tune of $28 Million.

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.
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