My friend and fellow Canadian SEO company owner Jeff Quipp over at Search Engine People has launched a lyrics contest where one lucky person could win $1000 USD. The contest rules and details are listed here but here is a quick lowdown on this fun contest:

SEO Lyric Contest Overview:

  • Create a full lyrical song using terms from the SEO/SEM industry.
  • Contestant website’s should be internet marketing related and have no bans or search engine penalties.
  • Song parodies are allowed but the source must be noted.
  • Entries will be evaluated “totally unscientifically” by a panel industry people (including myself – unless of course I enter something), social bookmarking votes, and comments.
  • The award will go to the “most popular and marketable submission”.
  • Weird Al is completely prohibited from participating – purely out of principle.
  • A minimum of ten contestants must enter for the contest to take place.
  • The contest ends at midnight (wherever you are) June 21st, 2007.
  • etc. (see the complete rules for more detail)

An important note:
“You do not have to be an expert or experienced composer! Far from it. This is all about fun, and blowing off steam!”

Have you got the chops for prose? Give it a shot, it can’t hurt! After all, winning a cool grand would definitely be a nice way to start the Summer.