Last week I wrote how Google had removed literally thousands of malware sites from its search results. (see Google Results Malware Free?)

Shortly after that post, Google had put out a request to its users to help them fill in the gaps and completely rid the results of dangerous websites. Google posted the request last week in its Online Security Blog:

“Currently, we know of hundreds of thousands of websites that attempt to infect people’s computers with malware. Unfortunately, we also know that there are more malware sites out there. This is where we need your help in filling in the gaps. If you come across a site that is hosting malware, we now have an easy way for you to let us know about it. If you come across a site that is hosting malware, please fill out this short form. Help us keep the internet safe, and report sites that distribute malware.”

While some comments to this post ask what security reports prompted for this policy and question the accuracy of its automated removal, it is good that Google is giving a means for users to report trouble websites that Google has missed. Perhaps it will someday help lead to a safer, more worry-free internet experience.