Today Google announced it is acquiring Adscape, a company that has pioneered dynamic integration of advertisements within video games. This purchase is yet another brilliant move that will continue to keep Google on the cutting edge of advertisement distribution.

Here are some highlights from Google’s FAQ on the Adscape acquisition:

Q. Why did Google acquire Adscape Media?
A. In-game advertising is an area where we believe Google could add a lot of value to users, advertisers and publishers. Adscape Media’s technology and talented team are a great addition to Google’s current advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers.

Q. When will Google integrate in-game advertising into the Google advertising platform?
A. At this time, we do not have news to share about the integration plans.

Q. Do you already have deals signed with game developers?
A. We have been in discussions with many in the game development community and hope to partner with both large and small game publishing companies.

Q. Will the in-game ads continue to be integrated into the game or will they become text ads similar to AdSense format?
A. As this is a recent acquisition it is too early to say what the ads will look like. We will explore a variety of options to determine what is best for the advertiser and user.

Q. Where does Google see in-game advertising going in the future, in terms of both revenue and the technology itself?
A. We don’t release specific projections but we think there is great value in video game advertising. As more and more people spend time playing video games, we think we can create opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences while maintaining a high quality, engaging user experience. That said, we will test ways of successfully implementing this form of advertising and Infinity’s technology will be instrumental in those tests.

Over the past few years, the video game experience has become richer and more interactive. We think this rich environment is a perfect medium to deliver relevant, targeted advertising that ultimately benefits the user, the video game publisher and the advertiser.

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth SEO Services
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