Image of Ross Dunn along with the text "The Ten Minute Optimization Redux"In April 2003 I wrote an article called “The 10 Minute Optimization” which outlined a 10 minute process to optimize a web page for top search engine rankings. Well, a few things have changed since then so I thought a redux (revision) would be a good idea. How I am going to do this though, is a bit unorthodox. This document is largely still pertinent so instead of rewriting the same SEO tips I reproduced the article (the boxed content) and added a revision section below each point wherever necessary; ultimately bringing this up to date with today’s SEO tactics.

The result of my work is “The Ten Minute Optimization Redux“, an article-turned SEO tips white paper which is 3600 words in length and will arm my readers with a concept of what it takes to get top rankings and optimize a webpage themselves. Now a word of warning… this white paper is not meant for veteran SEO’s or advanced SEO’s; it is strictly meant to bring business owners up to speed on the latest search engine tactics and the current standards of web page optimization. The following is a table of contents for this white paper.

1. Introduction

2. Setting the Stage
A) Determine Your Targets (Updated for 2006 with new tips)
B) Design – Is Your Page Memorable? (Updated for 2006 with new tips)
C) Spot Check for Relevancy (Updated for 2006 with new tips)

3. The Ten Minute Process – With 2006 Revisions
> Spot Check for Spam
> Polish and Optimize Text
> Optimize the Title
> META Tags (Updated for 2006 with a new tip)
> Navigation… Provide Clear Paths
> Test and Spell-Check (Updated for 2006 with a new tip)
> Hurry Up and Wait (Updated for 2006 with new tips)

4. Link Building – NEW SEO Tips!
Three sure-fire methods to build links to your website.

5. The After Thoughts – NEW SEO Tips!
Links to pertinent articles that are recommended reading and provide more tips and advice from veteran SEO’s.

6. Conclusion
Tying it all up.

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