In a show of humility we are not used to seeing from Google, the Blogger team published an apology of sorts today regarding a hailstorm of Blogger outages this week.

According to the team the current version of Blogger is causing massive problems for a variety of reasons which can be summed up as one thing – they have outgrown it. The post is a good read and gives some enjoyable insight into the world of Google when it turns upside down; not something I figured happened over there 😉

The post also mentions that an entirely new version of Blogger will be unleashed soon which they promise will be far more stable – and full of goodies. Goodies you say? Well yes but I have to admit none of them are all that ‘new’ in the world of blogging but they sure will improve Blogger:

  • Content labeling: finally you can sort your posts by topic! I can’t wait!
  • Multiple RSS: first they have finally introduced support for RSS2.0 versus just having the Atom format. In addition you can create RSS feeds for your comments site wide or per post.
  • Account Merging: You will now be able to merge your Blogger account with your Google Account… woohoo less passwords!
  • There are a few more additions that I don’t find as noteworthy but maybe you will, read about the new Blogger features here.