AOL Webcasts Green Day LA show

AOL’s love affair with the pop-punk band Green Day continues with the live webcast of the band’s Los Angeles show last night. A replay of the entire Green Day concert is available at AOL. The show features ten songs, most of which were drawn from their latest CD, American Idiot.

AOL has led the major search and service providers in broadcasting cutting edge music and video over the past year. Earlier this summer, AOL secured the exclusive rights to carry video from each of the Live8 concerts held in 9 major cities around the world. By doing so, AOL has also secured a great deal of goodwill along with a great number of opportunities for advertising space.

Each of the songs in the AOL Green Day LA concert archive is preceded by a 15-second advertisement for the new Sony Walkman flash-memory earrings.

The AOL side of the Time Warner family is finally showing sustained signs of mass-cultural life since the merger of the two mega-corporations five years ago. In the process, it has introduced the first mass-broadcast video on service online. For performers, this type of broadcast is great. It extends revenue opportunities for performers and offers fans around the world the virtual chance to see their favourite bands in concert.

For the other search and information service providers, most notably Yahoo, the clash of Green Day’s guitars should sound a wake-up alarm, one which actually started ringing in the early summer.