It is expected that AOL will be integrating its own desktop search technology into the AOL Browser Beta; AOL’s latest push to compete against rival Microsoft. The technology they will be implementing will allow users to search for files on their own computer as well as the Internet. Files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and just about any other textual format will be searchable including the user’s browser cache, allowing the viewing of sites already visited.

Microsoft’s desktop technology has been touted again and again without a lot to go on other than the ability to search the desktop and the Internet in one tool. Fortunately, we can offer you a glimpse of the technology that will be integrated because it will be taken from one of Microsoft’s recent company purchases – Lookout Software. Lookout offers “lighting-fast search for your email, files, and desktop integrated with Microsoft Outlook” according to Microsoft. You can try this rather cool software by accessing the MSN Sandbox web site . There are also other technologies available that they are working on.