I just heard the silliest thing. Ross the Boss is IM’ing with one of his oldest and most trusted contacts. The contact tells Ross the Boss that another SEO is claiming that use of ALT Tags and anything other than H1 and H4 tags will get you burned at the “new” Google.

This is total bunk and I repeat again… As SEO’s, people listen to us! For the people reading our postings, this is not an academic exersize, this is real life! Don’t waste people’s time with garbage analysis. There is no way the SEO in question has had enough time with enough sites to make this claim. The FLORDIA UPDATE is only three weeks old. It takes at least one if not two full dances before we really know what is behind an algorithm change.

(Please note, I was up really late last night with my girlfriend and the flu. — Girlfriend good, flu bad. I am tired, feeling under the weather, and have been thinking and writing about Google for ten days straight. I am kinda punchy right now)

Bottom line friends and colleagues… WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WE WRITE. Let’s start acting that way eh?