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Well this week has been a crazy one at StepForth so I apologize for the sparse postings. I promise I will be back in my normal groove next week.

Fortunately it appears that the stories that broke this week were not exactly ‘blow your mind’ quality. Here are some links for you to check out if anything here is of interest:

  1. Google Book Search now offers full edition copies of out-of-copyright books for you to download free.
  2. Google is reportedly testing Adwords for mobile phones throughout the USA. This has been available in Japan for a few months now.
  3. Yahoo has announced it is now offering Live Search within the new version of its Toolbar for Firefox. Now when you search the web using the Toolbar you will be shown the most popular searches related to the search term you are using. Hmm, I smell an interesting SEO tool here.

That is it for now I am afraid. I have some great stories for next week but now I have to get back to the grind. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of steady top10 rankings.

Cheers, Ross

Blogs have become a bastion of free speech on the web – where anyone can start their own personal commentary on any topic for free. Businesses use blogs to post their latest news, celebrities make fans salivate as they update their blogs with news about their day, and they even demonstrated the power to keep online vendors in line (Google bombing). The fact is, blogs have become massively popular and it seems the sky is the limit for this online phenomenon. But that is not the end of the story, I wrote this article to tell you how blogs are soon going to influence buyers of your products in the offline world. Read more…

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Google Local + Research in Motion

As reported by Reuters,

Google and Research in Motion, (maker of the Blackberry mobile device), have announced an agreement that will put Google Local and Google Talk software on new Blackberry devices.

Google today released a software download, Local for Mobile, that enables Blackberry users to access its local business search, satellite mapping and route plotting services. Read more…

Yahoo Search made two important announcements this week, both of which involve exclusive rights to provide search results in interesting venues.

On Tuesday, Yahoo announced it was teaming up with cell phone maker Motorola to provide Yahoo’s online products and search results over Motorola Linux-based mobile devices, including Motorola’s upcoming iRadio product. IRadio will allow users to listen to online radio over their portable devices, or access their own digital music collections. Read more…

For the past few years I have been writing about the immense changes happening in search marketing. These changes are driven by a number of factors but the two that make the biggest difference are technological advances and user adoption. It has been a full decade since Netscape issued the IPO that sparked the tech-boom of the late 90’s and the popularization / commercialization of the web. A decade does not seem like a long time in the evolution of culture but as many have already said, we live in accelerating times. Acceleration is based on efficiency and efficiency is enhanced by access to what one needs whenever one needs it. Read more…