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Google provided a little insight into their plans for the spidering of images across the web. Over the next few years they are going to be focusing on facial, geographical and other forms of recognition within images. The plan is to improve the capabilities of their free Picasa tool but you can bet that this will spread into Google Images. What does this mean to you?

Just imagine if you could search for all pictures taken in a backwater location in your home town… say your favorite lake. Some day Google may have the ability to show you all pictures that appear to match those surroundings; I doubt it will be even 80% accurate but it is still a huge step.

You may also be able to search for pictures of your buddy ‘Bruce’ by letting Google analyze a photo of Bruce that you have on hand. Then, after some whirls and clicks, Google would provide you with additional photos of Bruce found online. Okay I may be reaching a bit here with how this might work but I honestly believe this is in our future.

With Google you can pretty much let your imagination run wild. After all, Google is the perfect example of a company with unlimited financial and intellectual resources so the sky is the limit.

Here is the original announcement.

P.S. Hmm, image SEO just might be taken to an all new level.

The first six months of 2006 have been a period of expansion, growth and significant change in the search marketing universe. There have never been as many online options available to commercial advertisers and their agents as there is right now, a trend that shows no signs of abating. Just to keep things interesting, lot more change is expected in the second half of the year as well.

Search engine marketing, as an online business sector, covers a lot of virtual ground. Search engine optimization started as a cottage industry in the mid 90’s. By the mid 2K’s, Cottage country had become an industrial district. Today, the search marketing sector extends far beyond the organic search results the business was originally built on. Read more…

As it turns out, the revolution will be televised, or sort of televised anyway. Actually, it starts as a commercial.

Google introduced a new age of advertising earlier this week by announcing plans to distribute video commercials on websites in its pay per click AdWords network. The move opens the once exclusive marketing channel of televised ads to a far wider array of small and medium businesses. Read more…

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Yahoo!'s Home Improvement

Yahoo! has given itself a cosmetic but functional facelift that blends most (if not all) of Yahoo!’s subscriber based products and features with a sleeker, easier to use layout.

Yahoo! remains an information dense portal but good use DHTML and Ajax in designing an expanding menu system makes finding your way around the vast array of options much simpler. Yahoo! has also introduced a number of personalized information tools that present emails, messages, and music options, along with localized content such as movie reviews, playtimes, local traffic and local weather. Read more…

A couple of days ago, I received a call from a west coast reader who works as a corporate recruiter. She had been asked to find an in-house SEO for one of her clients, a medium sized corporation. After recommending a number of SEO/SEM related forums and Ed Lewis’ SEO Consultants Directory, we started to talk about the cost/benefit of hiring an in-house SEO and outsourcing the work to a consultant. As our conversation moved from point to point, a number of issues surrounding hiring in-house SEO talent emerged.

Today the trend leans towards hiring in-house. A quick glance at employment websites such as or shows a growing list of positions for SEOs who have two or more years of experience. The demand for experienced search marketers far outstrips the supply of really good practitioners, a situation evidenced by SEO salaries ranging from 30K at the low end to over 100K at the top. Read more…

The process of search engine optimization and placement has undergone a number of fundamental changes over the past year. Once a highly technical, hands-on operation, SEO is now more about analyzing information, strategic planning and long-term consultation. The changing nature of how SEO services are performed has caused many SEO firms to make radical alterations to their office environments and staff skill-sets. The most interesting thing about this period of intense change in the search marketing industry is that the biggest changes are only starting to happen. Read more…

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Google's Growing Online Office

Does anyone remember how, less than a year ago, several commentators suggested Google was compiling a series of products that could emulate an online operating system? At the time, Google steadfastly denied such rumors. Yesterday, Google purchased Upstartle, the maker of a browser-based word processor called Writely. Read more…

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Florida's Effect on SEO Spam

A few years ago, in the days before the introduction of Google’s Florida Update, SEO was a quasi-Masonic vocation practiced by an expanding order of techno-monks who acted openly but held secret the minute details of their trade. As search engines and SEO techniques evolved, that old order was already dying, long before the discovery of Florida in November 2003.

I was reminded of the olden days yesterday when fielding a question over at one of the SEO Forums I spend time in. One of the new members wrote in asking about the correct range of Keyword Densities for the various search engines. That got me thinking about many of the lesser known tricks of the trade that have been used by search engine optimizers over the years and how some of these “tricks” have incorporated themselves into our SEO practice while others have been roundly rejected by SEO practitioners. Read more…

What is Social Networking and how will it affect online marketing in the coming years? That’s a question a number of people have been thinking about since the dawn of the commercial ‘net. In the earliest days, online social networks formed between users of bulletin board services (BBS). People met each other by joining the board with planned, in-person gatherings taking over entire cafes. That was a time so geeky it seems quaint in remembrance. Today’s social networks are enormous, robust and sophisticated. The medium is a lot of things but these days, there’s nothing geeky about it. Read more…

Blogs have become a bastion of free speech on the web – where anyone can start their own personal commentary on any topic for free. Businesses use blogs to post their latest news, celebrities make fans salivate as they update their blogs with news about their day, and they even demonstrated the power to keep online vendors in line (Google bombing). The fact is, blogs have become massively popular and it seems the sky is the limit for this online phenomenon. But that is not the end of the story, I wrote this article to tell you how blogs are soon going to influence buyers of your products in the offline world. Read more…