Monday, August 27th, 2007

The Gphone Hype

News of the potential Google Phone (gPhone) has been slowly but surely taking over the net over the past 6 months or so. As of late, however, the hype is louder than ever since recent (supposedly more concrete) evidence has appeared of its existence. At this point there is simply too much hearsay to really know what the heck is going on but a bit part of my gut says this may just be the biggest bad rumor ever. Unfortunately the other half of my gut wonders why Google’s Marissa Mayer never actually denied the existence of the gPhone at the latest Search Engine Strategies conference. Read more…

Well I am at Search Engine Strategies San Jose; the weather is beautiful, the company great and the discussions so far excellent. The following are point form notes from an interesting seminar that discussed how search can be used to aid in branding instead of just as a direct response sales vehicle. Each point, stat or anecdote is in itself intriguing but overall add up to a helpful overview of how to use search to brand. Please brace yourself, however, this discussion went to many edges of the marketing universe so this post will have gems from many disciplines. Read more…

Friday, August 17th, 2007

I Hope to See You in San Jose

Next week I will be attending the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose. I will be covering the event as Press so you can expect some interesting updates over the course of the week – but I can’t promise when.

If you happen to be in San Jose and want to hook up please email me – rossco at stepforth dotcom and hopefully we can arrange a time to meet.

For all those marketers out there: my writing focus for this trip is on the vendors that compliment my company’s SEO/SEM clients and in turn my readers. Pitching other SEO/SEM companies is not in the cards.

All the best,
Ross Dunn

In my recent article “Is Wikipedia Corrupt?” I asked other online encyclopedias to speak up and introduce themselves so that users could explore alternatives to Wikipedia. The lines had been silent until I received a kind introduction to an alternative site called Citizendium from the founder, Larry Sanger. Incidentally, and quite ironically, Larry Sanger is the co-founder of Wikipedia and another property called Nupedia. Read more…

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Recommended Reading this Friday

Here are a few articles I came across today that I felt would add some richness to your Friday:

  • Interview with Google’s Sep Kamvar, Lead Software Engineer for Personalization
    Are you curious how Google’s drive toward personalization might affect your privacy or the quality of search results? This short interview might answer some questions you have.
    >> thanks for the tip from the blog “Geeking With Greg
  • doMobi: Growth in the .mobi mobile web is undisputed in this post. Skip to the bottom if you just want that facts ma’am.Huge kudos to James Pearce and the gang; I am a big fan of the .mobi concept and frankly the great support and awareness the .mobi squad brings to the mobile revolution.
  • Matt Cutts published a blog posting with Whitehat SEO Tips for Bloggers. I haven’t read it all yet but by nature these posts are often interesting.
  • Listen Up (Why your customer’s native tongue matters)“: Marketer Drew McLellan explains that for sales content to be effective you need to make sure your content is written in a fashion similar to how your customers speak.

All the best and I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are. – Ross Dunn

I was browsing through StepForth’s Google Analytics statistics for The StepForth SEO Blog when I came across the browser share report and discovered something wonderful… Internet Explorer has lost lots of market share!

There was a time where I can fairly say Internet Explorer enjoyed a 60-75% majority of the web browsing marketplace. This made many a web designer rather flippant towards other less popular browsers when ensuring browser compatibility of their websites. I even remember, not long ago, a supposed ‘expert’ designer condescendingly telling me that Firefox did not have enough saturation to warrant much concern. I argued the point but it was like talking to a brick wall.

The fact is, though, that at least in the visiting realm of the more tech savvy (which our SEO blog caters to) designers had better test their new sites (and existing ones) in Firefox or else they may alienate 42% of the marketplace! Read more…

The Direct Marketing AssociationStepForth is proud to announce that after careful review The Direct Marketing Association, a recognized and respected resource for marketers, has accepted StepForth’s white paper titled “Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing” into its approved marketing knowledge base.

The “Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing” white paper was written to educate business owners on the essentials methods required to harness the immense power of social media marketing. Read more…

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Is Wikipedia Corrupt?

Responses to my previous posting called “How to Ethically Update Wikipedia” have been incredibly polarized and I felt it was important I provide some visibility to the ethical issues and ramifications faced by an immensely influential volunteer-run organization like Wikipedia.

First a Little Background
My July 17th posting was based on an excellent article published at Search Engine Land called “SEO Tips & Tactics from a Wikipedia Insider” written by a Wikipedia Administrator with the pseudonym Durova. My post summarized a few of the unethical Wikipedia listings that Durova had noticed throughout her time at Wikipedia and how Wikipedia responded to each situation. I was very impressed by Durova’s article and how transparent the process appeared to be.
Read more…

On July 11th, Google’s Blogger announced a deceptively minor update that allowed users to reference a 3rd party feed for their blog. For veteran Blogger users the importance of this update may be obvious but for others let me explain.

Then: Blogger only had its own feed type which meant that users of Feedburner or other 3rd party feed trackers had to include two feeds on their blog – one being their 3rd party service and the other being the Google service. The result was that some visitors who subscribed to their blog could have subscribed to the Google feed rather than the preferred 3rd party feed. This meant the actual subscriber base for a blog would be inaccurate (lower than it actually is) because the 3rd party feed is the feed being measured. Read more…

The Mobile Web is undoubtedly going to grow and grow until a mega industry takes shape; after all, there are simply too many people getting more and more addicted to instant information gratification. This fact is not lost on any country with a mobile network and Canada is no exception. Unfortunately for Canadians we are being suffocated by mobile data rates that are exceedingly more expensive than even a third world country like Rwanda. Unless our data rates come down you can bet that Canada will be left in the dust while the world of mobile commerce skyrockets. Read more…