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Today StepForth released a comprehensive manual on How to Setup Google Authorship which is available now for free as a web version or PDF download (right-click this link and save).

About this Free Manual

Written by Ross Dunn, CEO of StepForth, this unofficial manual is for anyone who writes regularly online and website owners/administrators of a website with or without a blog. It is designed to help everyone understand what Authorship is, why it is important and how to ensure it is setup for the greatest personal and/or professional benefit. 

This manual covers implementation of the rel=author and rel=publisher tags within the following scenarios and platforms:

  • Quick Setup Using the Google Authorship Page
  • Setup for a One-Author, Blog-Only Website
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: Each Author Links Directly to Google Plus
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: Using Rel=Me On Each Author’s Bio Page
  • Sites With Multiple Authors: WordPress Plugin Options
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a WordPress.com Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a SquareSpace Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Author on a Blogspot Site
  • How to Setup Rel=Publisher

(Here is the web version or PDF download)

In addition we included Troubleshooting tips and suggestions for staying current on the latest news and updates on this topic (subscribing to this authorship-only email list is one option).

A Service for Those Without the Time or Interest

StepForth is also offering a service to assist small businesses and up with the proper setup and installation of Authorship (rel=author and rel=publisher) so all businesses can experience the expected benefits of Authorship as Google integrates it into its algorithms over time; they are testing its integration already behind closed doors.

We hope you like the manual and find it helps you succeed online.