Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

LinkedIn May Use My Name and Photo in Social Advertising – NOT


It recently came to my attention that LinkedIn has a setting activated by default allowing it to “use my name, photo in social advertising.” Below is a screenshot of this setting in my LinkedIn profile.

A screenshot of Ross Dunn's LinkedIn settings showing the default setting which allows LinkedIn to use my name and photo in social advertising

First, I should state I understand this is a means of increasing social engagement and connection-making within LinkedIn. What I find problematic is LinkedIn’s flagrant disregard for our privacy by making such a setting default. If you feel the same way, here are the steps to disable this feature in your LinkedIn account, provided in graphical form:

LinkedIn Privacy Step 1: Under your name in the top right of your account click on “Settings”

A screenshot of the dropmenu on LinkedIn: click on "Settings" in the drop-down under your account name

LinkedIn Privacy Step 2: Click on “Account” on the resulting Account & Settings page.

A screenshot showing how to click on the "Account" tab in the resulting Profile Settings page.LinkedIn Privacy Step 3: Click on “Manage Social Advertising” in the “Account” tab you just enabled.

A screenshot showing the next step in the process: to click on "Manage Social Advertising" in the "Account" tab you just enabled.LinkedIn Privacy Step 4: The Last Step is to un-check the option “LinkedIn may use my name, photo in social advertising.” Then save the changes.

A screenshot instructing you to disable the option to allow LinkedIn to use your name and photo in social advertising

You are done! A special thanks goes out to Steve Woodruff for bringing this to our collective attention.

For more social media privacy tips and news here are some places to start:

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.
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10 Responses to “LinkedIn May Use My Name and Photo in Social Advertising – NOT”

  1. Scott

    Done! Thanks for posting this. I hate any leak in privacy without my approval.

  2. Jun

    I have seen some local ads in Linkedin, job ads, where I see my name and picture as part of the ad copy. Never bothered to see why though until now.

    Great post!

  3. JUHLi SELBy

    Thank you for being on top of things & sharing this valuable info Ross! You rock!

  4. Ross Dunn

    Thanks Juhli! I am so glad it got some attention! Please let me know of any other social faux pas’ like that if you come across them. I would love to fill in readers. Cheers!

  5. Ross Dunn

    Thank you Jun! I really appreciate knowing when our content is of some help. Cheers! Ross

  6. Innes

    We are looking in to using Linkedin as a tool to market our business as it stands. This is for sure something to go away and remember when that time comes. I would have never even thought about something like this so big thanks for bringing this to my immediate attention.

  7. St. Louis Photographer

    Linkedin has its shortcomings, but no other resource exist that comes near the power you can leverage with it’s user base.

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