Friday, December 10th, 2010

Link Building Tip – Make the Most of What You Have


For most sites, increasing your inbound link counts is important. But one aspect of link building that is often overlooked is not actually link building, it is making the most of the links you already have.

Have you ever stepped back and taken a look at your links? Often times when we do site audits we find opportunities to significantly improve the value of links that are already in place. Improving the quality of your existing links usually takes some time, but not usually much money.

For links that you have gone out and built your self, chances are most are setup to work for you. Most will have appropriate link anchor text and will direct to the pages of your site you are looking to promote, but when it comes to links you have gained 100% naturally, this is not always the case.

Often times webmasters will link to your site using your company name. In many cases this is just fine, but more often than not company names will not include target phrases you wish to rank for. It is also common to see people linking in using your domain name as the link anchor text. While again, this is better than no link, it could be offering you more value.

Consider going through your inbound links and contacting any webmasters who have linked to you in a way that is less than ideal. While some will simply ignore you, others will accommodate and adjust the link according. You may also see opportunities where the link would be more relevant is directed at various internal pages. Check for things like anchor text and even surrounding text. While Page Rank is often useless, prioritize which links to try and fix based loosely on the Page Rank.

Also, it may surprise you to find links that you have which are pointing to pages that don’t exist! Check your webmaster tools account for 404 errors, and the source of these errors. You may find inbound links to pages you have deleted. (making the use of 301 redirects even more important when you change things). Contact these websites and try to get the links updated. If they won’t respond, at least placing a 301 redirect can help re-gain some of the value.

7 Responses to “Link Building Tip – Make the Most of What You Have”

  1. Dan White

    Whats the best tool available to find and evaluate the quality of links pointing to my site?

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    This is a good suggestion. However I know that search engines like a variety of anchor links as they see this links added in a natural way.

  3. Scott Van Achte

    There are a number of tools out there. Magestic SEO is one fantastic one that offers a ton of insight. Optilink used to be an inexpensive and very useful tool, but as of just last month they have taken their product off the market.


    It is true that Search Engines like a variety of anchor text. You likely wouldn’t want to use the same text for all links, but changing it from “click here” to a target phrase, would definitely be more beneficial.

  4. Tihomir Petrov

    I also recommend Magestic SEO because it is very easy to use and gives good results. In my opinion the most important in this case is the anchor text(link) because you are fighting for kew phrases but not for the name of your company.

  5. mark rushworth

    ive done some research that shows nchors are fixed at publication which means that it doesnt matter if you re-position old links they will retain the original relevancy etc.

    best to concentrate on new links on home pages or fresh content.

  6. Johnny Rogers

    Thanks for the tips. I have to admit that when it comes to link building I am awful at it. It’s just sooo much work, and I know that if I did a better job building links my sites would rank better. I do not have the cash-flow to buy links so I am always left frustrated when it comes to how my sites rank, especially in Google. Also, it took me a while to realize the importance of creating 301 redirects.

  7. Ross Dunn

    Hi Johnny, I sympathize completely and suffer from the same issues. The fact is, however, good content does the link building for you… just get a blog running and write great content. Obviously it isn’t simple to write good content but it only takes time and even a small amount of money if you want someone else to do it for you. If you can afford just $40 a month you can get one professionally written blog post a month… I recommend at least two but still that comes pretty cheap for what you get = links! Let me know if you want some help with this. Cheers and thank you for commenting!

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