Monday, May 17th, 2010

Google Local – A Bit Confused


Google local business center Victoria lawyerI found this rather interesting bug over at Google today.

When doing a search for “Victoria BC Lawyer”, in the Local Business results I found that only one of the seven results were actually for law offices! The remaining 6 were for doctors as well as a government publishing office.

One would think that Google has been doing this long enough to not make such a big error – 1 out of 7 results relevant to the search?  That’s pretty poor if you ask me.

3 Responses to “Google Local – A Bit Confused”

  1. Matthew M.

    This is not the fault of Google. Take a look at the profiles of any of the doctors on that page. They are all showing the category as “general practice attorney.” Whomever filled in that field made a mistake. Google is actually doing a great job displaying the results, it’s just incorrect information.

  2. Chris John

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  3. Scott Van Achte

    Very interesting indeed, to tell you the truth I hadn’t noticed that. I guess this goes to show how easily it is to game Google Local and have your listing appear wherever you want… I hope that the algorithm that handles this will be refined in the future to help eliminate errors like this, malicious or not.

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