Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Video – How Google Penalties Can Help Your Site


This Web Pro News video was taken at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose a few weeks ago and drives home some points about how to react to a perceived or actual Google penalty that I think are worth sharing to our audience. You can also see the full article on this subject that was the inspiration behind this video: How a Google Penalty Can Make Your Site Stronger.

4 Responses to “Video – How Google Penalties Can Help Your Site”

  1. china tours

    Cool, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Scott

    It is quite an interesting concept. The penalty forces you to examine and improve your site, so once the site is all cleaned up, not only can rankings return, they can often return to a better position then they were previously since the website then is better optimized, has zero spam, more links, more content, etc, etc.

    Its like those self made millionaires out there who worked at their min-wage 9-5 jobs, only to be laid off, and as a result re-discover themselves and make millions as a direct result.

    Everything happens for a reason, and no matter how bad, there is a silver lining somewhere. (I hate cliches, but if it fits, it fits)

  3. ixod

    thank you for sharing this. Why website video? What about plain old website copy? What about blogs?

    Copy is still copy, and blogs are still blogs… and you will always have those people who prefer to learn and absorb by reading.

    However, let’s not forget about the vast majority of information-seekers who are just plain lazy. They don’t feel like reading, don’t feel like scrolling. What they really want is instant gratification for clicking on your web page.

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