Friday, June 12th, 2009

MS Increase in Search Share thanks to Bing


Bing is out of the gates and running. The new search platform from Microsoft was reported to have seen approximately 11.1% search share for its first week out. This compares to the previous week at 9.1%, (according to comScore). Not bad for a brand new engine.

This slight increase is likely due to all the hype and people flocking to get a glimpse of the new engine, but only time will tell if Microsoft will be able to hook these visitors in for repeat searches.

My first impression of Bing is a positive one, but I for one will find it difficult to switch and I expect the general searching public will too, but there is a strong possibility that Bing will pull some of Google’s search share away. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the latest search market share numbers for the month of Jun. For now it looks positive for Microsoft, but lets wait and see what the future brings as the dust settles.

2 Responses to “MS Increase in Search Share thanks to Bing”

  1. Knut

    Scott, I agree that the ultimate question is, can Bing reach a critical mass fast enough? I nice tool to check own expectations on search results is the blind search,

    BTW, I tried it, Bing defeated Google 2:1

  2. Scott Van Achte

    “can Bing reach a critical mass fast enough?”. My guess is no, but it would be cool to see them steal some market share from Google. As good as Google can be, they are so close to a monopoly its ridiculous – would be great to see them slip back a little. Google is just too powerful – it’s almost scary!

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