Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Google Addresses Duplicate Content Myths


I just came across this excellent post at WebProNews that brought to my attention a new video posted by the Google  Search Quality Team. The video discusses duplicate content on Google and how it is managed. The best part is it once again highlights that Google does not penalize for duplicate content – it merely omits content that is redundant within specific searches. In fact, content that may be omitted on one search may be highly ranked in another search.

Anyway, it is worth viewing for anyone who may still be concerned and/or confused about how Google handles duplicate content:

YouTube Preview Image

4 Responses to “Google Addresses Duplicate Content Myths”

  1. omfg_followme

    I agree, but there is another way to look at this though when it comes to a ‘penalisation’;

    The link strength of each page. If you have page B, C, D & E all dupes of page A, but they all recieve X amount of links (internally and externally) each, you could say that that in itself is a penalisation as you are sharing the love on the linking.

    However, having CLOSE to duplicate still works a treat and helps get the indented search results, IMPO. :]

  2. Sadhu Shety

    I came to know for the first time that Google does not penalize a site containing duplicate contents while visiting.There may be chance Google can’t identify that page as a duplicate that is why it does not penalize.I don’t agree with your post.

  3. Ross Dunn

    Hmm, I believe this post says that there is no penalization… not sure what you are getting at. Feel free to elaborate. Thanks!

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