Monday, November 24th, 2008

Is Google Under Attack?


It’s 9:20 am PST on Monday November 24th, and access to Both Google AdWords & Postini, appear to be down. It seems strange that both Google services would be down without any formal notice stating a maintenance outage.

I first noticed the problem shortly after 9:00 am. Could Google be under a denial of service attack? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Are you able to access either of these services, or are you having any problems accessing any other Google services? If so let us know, drop us a comment!

NOTE: Wouldn’t you know it, only a few minutes after posting this (9:33) I was able to gain access to both services, but now Keyword Discovery and ZDnet appear to be having the same problem.

Less than 2 weeks ago Shaw Cable, a major internet provider for Western Canada, had a brief period where Google and Youtube were both inaccessible to users – perhaps today’s issues are also related to Shaw. Again, let us know if you are having any strange problems today, and also note your internet provider.

3 Responses to “Is Google Under Attack?”

  1. Wes

    Do you have any idea what kind of computer power would be require to DDOS such a large infrustructure like the one Google has? Because you blog, learn2not be nub. It’s clearly your ISP’s DNS that’s the problem

  2. Scott Van Achte

    Hi Wes,

    Thanks for your comment. At this point I have to agree with you that it is most likely a DNS issue with SHAW Cable, especially since we are finding the problem for a number of sites – that said, while it appears highly unlikely, an attack on Google has occured in the past, and while the computer power needed would be immense, it is certainly not impossible.,39024667,39121399,00.htm

  3. martha

    It is hard to believe..
    Google might be doing some changes or there might be some other reason..

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