Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Any News on Google's Integration of News in Organic Results?


Last week I commented on Google’s plan to integrate news results with organic results. Search Engine Land noted the change was suppose to be completed by last Saturday but I have yet to see the integration anywhere.

Is this perhaps a limitation of my region? Is anyone seeing this update completed? I would appreciate any news on this. Search Engine Land is oddly quiet regarding the update so I wonder if they are waiting for the change to complete just as I am.

2 Responses to “Any News on Google's Integration of News in Organic Results?”

  1. Matt McGee

    Ross – try this:

    Down in the lower half of the results you’ll see some news articles mixed in the listings.

  2. Ross Dunn

    Thanks Matt but weren’t those already in the mix of results – they are quite old stories. I think the plan was to inject the latest breaking related news into the mix according to relevance.

    On a side note, the MSNBC stories don’t even have dates… unbelievable.

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