Tune in to Monday the 16th of August’s episode of SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM where I (Ross Dunn) and my co-host John Carcutt interview Jon Henshaw and Taylor Pratt of Raven Internet Marketing Tools (affiliate link – this article is, however, a legit preliminary review).

In short, Raven Tools can help you with the following:

Website analytics, managing link building campaigns and tracking their success, search engine optimization, social media reputation and campaign tracking, keyword research, and… see more farther on as I outlined the list of features.

The August 16th show will delve into some of the unique (and very cool) reporting options and tracking functionality that Raven has integrated over the years. From discussing how Raven IM Tools has uniquely layered link building reports and ranking reports over top of your overall site analytics (powerful combination!) to learning more about their integration of bit.ly, social mention and other popular metrics providers, this show is well worth a listen. That said, here is a little more about the show and my experience with Raven Tools since we recorded the program.


One thing that I found interesting about this show was my lack of experience with Raven IM Tools compared to John’s vast experience… it allowed us to ask questions from each side of the user spectrum.

Raven SEO Tools banner - get a free trial nowAt any rate, I am now a bonified user of Raven Internet Marketing Tools and I wish I had found it before… they really have it all – and from what I have heard what they can improve on they are already working on.

To give you some idea of what their service includes here is a list of the feature set (hold on to your seat):

Agency Ready, Blog Manager, Campaign Reports, Competitor Manager, Contact Manager, Content Manager, Design Analyzer, Event Manager, Facebook Monitor, Firefox Toolbar, Keyword Manager, Link Manager, Link Research, Persona Manager, Quality Analyzer, Research Assistant, SERP Tracker, Social Media Monitor, Twitter Monitor, Website Analytics, Website Directory…. and that’s it. Pretty meager eh? 😉

What I like the most about this program so far:

  • The ability to see incoming link/referrer metrics layered over the overall site traffic is very slick.
  • The Persona Manager allows you to coordinate different online social media persona’s that maybe used for specific campaigns or across various clients – this means it is as easy as pie to track individual campaigns and it speeds up the process of social media interaction.
  • Raven Tools has partnered with a lot of the tools I already pay for so this will save me some money or at least provide me with familiar metrics to play with when conducting research for clientele. Examples are SEMRush and MajesticSEO.
  • They use the Google Analytics API so there is no need to install yet another traffic bug on every page of our site; which slows pages down. This feature is also awesome because the data is the same across the board – allowing me to take one piece of data from Raven and search for it within Google Analytics knowing it will be there (in some fashion).
  • … there will be much more as I delve farther into this program. The fact is, I only just dove in and I am this pumped about it already!

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