For the past year, StepForth has published a bare bones Blog. We have not implimented features found on many other Blogs such as comments, trackbacks or tags.

We chose to publish our ideas and comments this way because, being the extremely busy people we are, we felt moderating a comments section on a fairly popular Blog would add too much time to our already action packed day. We already have a significant readership and, until now, have had no pressing need to see where or how far our words have travelled in cyberspace.

That’s all about to change. Actually, some of it has already changed. Earlier today we opened the comments section up, one of the first steps towards a much larger site and (by extension), Blog redesign. We hope the changes lead to more interaction with readers, other SEO practitioners, and webmasters. We strongly believe everyone who reads these words has something useful to share and that through the sharing of information, we can help in the effort to make the SEO/SEM industry more transparent and easier to understand.

Those interested in sharing their thoughts, opinions and/or ideas are welcome to register and participate in discussions. A special thanks to Ross (the Boss) and Mark (the VP) for doing the “heavy lifting” in our site and blog redesign.