Consumer comparison websites such as Froogle, BizRate, Shopping.Com and PriceGrabber.Com are beginning to attract huge numbers of users each month. In the past year, PriceGrabber has seen an 81% growth rate! These types of sites allow consumers to examine and compare products based on price, user reviews, features and functionality. With the ability to find information on almost any product advertised on the Web, online consumers are demanding more specific details about potential purchases before deciding which specific widget to buy. Online advertisers are urged to use consumer comparison search tools and to develop short but highly informative product descriptions detailing cost, benefits, merchant reviews and user reports. As with any form of advertising or marketing, the more people are exposed to your product, the better the chance of them purchasing your product. These days though, consumers are demanding to know as much as you do about these products before spending and it is the merchant’s job to make the process as simple as possible by providing the product information their customers expect.