Summary of SEO 101 Episode 354

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John and Ross continue the discussion on Google’s de-indexing issues from the previous SEO 101 episode. Apparently, the problem did not clear up quite as quickly as Google made it out to. Ross broadly shares some findings from a recent e-commerce SEO audit.

Finally, the gents discuss some Mueller files followed by some great questions from listeners.

Important Links from SEO 101 Episode 354

Google Says De-indexing Issue Is Fixed – Search Engine Land

Google claimed the de-indexing issue has been resolved. Yet, a number of sites still got hit by the exact same problem. How to deal with it?

Google Images, Featured Snippets & Videos More Often in Web Search Results  – Search Engine Roundtable

It seems image search boxes have been showing up more often on Google search results. Same with featured snippets and even video boxes. How would these changes affect your page rankings?

Google Search Console Coverage Report Delayed 16 Days & Counting – Search Engine Roundtable

The delay in Google Search Console Coverage report has been two weeks behind than the usual two-day delay. How does Google address the issue?

Google Might Change How NoIndex In Robots.txt Works – Search Engine Roundtable

Gary Illyes from Google describes it as “…that thing sticks out like a nun in a mosh pit.” Find out if the robots.txt noindex directive is still worth using.

A photo of Google's John MuellerThe Mueller Files

Our weekly section of commentary from Google’s John Mueller.

  • Sitemap Dates vs Web Page Dates – Search Engine Roundtable
    What is the difference between a date in an XML Sitemaps file and a date on a webpage? And why is it important to know the distinction?
  • Google: Nofollow Link Attribute Is Working Fairly Well – Search Engine Roundtable
    John shared that the nofollow link attribute, overall, is still working well. He said not many sites have caused themselves “significant issues.”

Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their answers to these questions.

What is the ideal word length for a page to get SEO uptake? I thought that longer was better, but I’ve heard others say that 750 words is your ideal number. And, I’m right that search engines know to delineate and exclude the navigation and side material from the word count estimation? – Shawn D.

Looking for a white label seo program for local contractors.” –  Steve D.

End of Show Notes

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