On July 18th, 2012 I received a late phone call at my home from Price’s Alarms informing me the alarm at my office was set off by broken glass… when I arrived at the scene with a police officer we quickly realized this was no false alarm. As it turns out, someone had tried to gain access to our offices by way of the bottom window on our front door.

The thief’s plans, it seems, was to remove all of the wood molding around the glass, pop it out and then grab & dash some of our precious equipment. Fortunately, he was foiled by the industrial strength adhesive used to keep our shatter-proof glass on the door. That said, as you can see in the pictures below he did a great deal of damage to our door and we want him caught – but first we need anyone who may recognize him in the video below to contact the Victoria Police Department: 250-995-7654.


Here are some pictures of the damage:


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