Yesterday the VP of Search Products and User Experience, Marissa Mayer announced a small update to the functionality of the Google home page:

When I looked at the page, I didn’t see much of a change… until I clicked on the ‘more’ link at the right hand side of the search options bar. Then it became clear that the search options bar had actually been totally revised (it was early, give me a break!). Google has finally made it easier to search “Books”, “Froogle” and user “Groups” directly from the search box. In addition, it has added “Video” as a main search option.

Unfortunately I don’t really find the “more” method a very slick approach. After all, how many people actually click on a link like this? In my experience (and perhaps this is just me) I generally search only what options I immediately see; yes, I am out for instant satisfaction. Hey isn’t that what the Internet is all about?

Here is the press release from the Official Google Blog