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Consulting and Research

If you would like guidance at any step of your web marketing process then there may not be a need to enter into a long -term contract for services. In this case, our hourly web marketing consulting services may be a perfect fit for you.

Additionally, if you wish to know more about a market or a competitor we can investigate either and provide you with our findings. With our research results in-hand you can make more informed marketing decisions than ever before.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an umbrella term often used to describe a category of online properties that are entirely driven by user-generated content or user-participation. From another angle, the term “the social media” is often used to describe the users that frequent social media properties. The Social Media have also been called “citizen journalists” because of the powerful proliferation of news that social media regularly generates.

Social media marketing broadly describes the application of effective marketing strategies on social media properties. Each social property has unique characteristics and etiquette that require different strategies in order to create a positive outcome. Social media marketing takes advantages of these conventions to promote a brand’s services or products

Website Analytics

Website analytics is used to increase onsite conversions for pre-established goals and these are defined by determining your key performance indicators. Website analytics can provide answers to difficult questions. In a nutshell such analysis can help identify visitor behaviour.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site is of little use if it cannot be found on a search engine. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo only provide traffic to websites they can be sure will provide the ideal result for a given search. Our experienced search engine optimization (SEO) experts will make the necessary changes to your website so these top search engines can tell your site has earned the right to be found.

Authority Building And Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of content that is intended to attract an audience, engage with them, and drive more traffic to and conversion on your website. A comprehensive content marketing strategy will see your business regularly publish high-quality content that solves your potential customers’ problems while establishing your expertise in the market; it will boost your brand recognition online, and establish trust and relationships with your customers. When good content marketing is used in collaboration with a sound social media strategy, you will soon expand the reach of your company, build trust, and establish a channel where your audience can easily communicate their concerns, needs, and even praise with you.

Competitor Analysis

This service is only conducted by our most senior staff to provide the most in depth and insightful search engine marketing strategies.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If it’s not ready we will give recommendations on what changes must be considered. Some common examples of what might be missing are: landing pages and content on the landing pages, a lack of a call-to-action, website appearance and load times. We will provide this consultation at no cost to you in order to get your website into fighting form.

Website Audit

Here we go through a comprehensive set of tasks to further breakdown your website – We want to see if it’s fully optimized for search engine rankings. Once completed a report will be sent including everything needed to bring it up standard level with SEO.

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