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Not Certain What Web Marketing Services You May Need?

This page is intended to serve as a roadmap for those new to web marketing. In the content below you will find a few common client needs. See if any of these fit your reason for visiting our website today. If you don’t find one that matches your needs, or if you prefer the human touch give us a call or email us for a more personalized discussion. You have questions? We can help!

If you can, quickly skip to a topic that seems the most relevant to your needs:

Improving Search Engine Rankings | Improving Website Performance | Pay Per Click Marketing

Social Networking | Online Reputation Management

Increase your search engine rankingsTOPIC: Search Engine Rankings

A question begins here“I need to improve my website’s search engine rankings.”

What you need is our search engine optimization services (SEO services). StepForth does hands-on SEO work. The following is a rough outline on what we will inspect on your website and optimize as necessary: title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, other existing meta tags, alt attributes, body text, content, heading tags, navigation, site map, url structure, and check for spam, or any other techniques that could possibly result in penalties or a decline in rankings and remedy this. SEO campaigns are highly customizable and can vary in duration, depth and scope. Find out more about our search engine optimization services here.

A question begins here“I have general questions about search engine optimization (SEO).”

There are a couple of options. One is to hunt for answers that we may have already written down in past articles we published on our web marketing blog; just type in the main subject of your question in our search box on our blog home page. The other option is to give us a call and ask your question. In many cases we can answer your question quickly and free of charge but if your question turns out to require some explanation and further research on our part we will let you know and give you the option of securing some web marketing consultation time.

A question begins here“How does my competitor keep beating me on Google in search engine rankings?

We have the perfect service for you! Our competitor analysis service is designed to disassemble 3 or 4 of your competitors in order to provide you with the strategy that has worked for them. After we outline your competitor’s strategy we will design an even better one for your website designed to beat your competitors in to the next century.

A question begins here“I am developing a new website and I want to make sure the website is going to get me the search engine rankings I need.

Our web marketing consultation service would be perfect for you. We will show you what needs to be done to make your website ready to succeed as soon as it is finished and online.

Increase your web site's performanceTOPIC: Improving Website Performance

A question begins here“I want my website to be successful but I don’t know a lot about web marketing.

It sounds like you could use a web marketing strategy. Contact us for a free, no obligation discussion so we can find out more about your needs and goals.

A question begins here“My website gets a fair amount of traffic but it isn’t making me enough money. I need help to figure out how to make my website more effective.”

Our analytics review service is a perfect fit for your needs. What we will do is review the traffic statistics for your website (most sites have this information & many don’t know it) and using this information we will examine where your website visitors appear to have issues with your website. That was a simplistic explanation but the point of all this will be to provide you or your Webmaster with the information needed to improve your website and ultimately increase your bottom line online. See more about our website analytics review service here.

A question begins here“We want to do our own search engine optimization for our website but we could use some professional guidance.

We provide a website SEO audit designed to provide you with the exact information you need. A detailed report will be written up with site wide and page specific recommendations on how to optimize your website including a checklist for monitoring its progress. Suggestions may also include short and long term strategies and how to revise the web site to keep it fresh to both the search engines and your potential customers. Find out more about our website SEO audit here.

A question begins here“I want an expert to review my website on a monthly basis to make sure it continues to perform well and improve.”

Increasing the profits from your web site by understanding the behavior of your visitors is a MUST in today’s competitive marketplace. Using Google Analytics data we will review your web site to determine specific areas that are or are not providing positive results. With this data in hand we will provide you with a monthly report outlining the statistics and how to use them to your advantage; we will provide recommended actions based on the results. You can see campaigns, funnel reports, site navigation, ROI, and monitor your pay-per-click campaigns using this software. Go to traffic analysis to discover visitor behaviour.

Pay Per Click MarketingTOPIC: Pay Per Click Marketing (i.e. Google AdWords)

A question begins here“I want my employee to learn SEO and keep on the cutting edge of the latest techniques in web marketing.”

You have a couple of options. The first is to visit StepForth’s web marketing knowledge base where your employee can read our list of tutorials and articles on SEO, blogs, social media and pay-per-click. The second is to have us customize a training course for your employee. Our SEO and general web marketing training is one-on-one, and usually in a remote format (i.e. web conferencing) although we can certainly be onsite if you require that (great for teaching larger groups). If you would like more information please contact us so we can get your details and put together a no-obligation quotation.

A question begins here“I need my website to get traffic immediately, time is of the essence!”

If you need fast search engine rankings and other forms of online visibility then we need to discuss our pay per click services. We will handle the campaign setup and ongoing monthly management of your Pay Per Click campaigns on services like Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter. For immediate visibility learn more about our pay per click services.

A question begins here“My pay per click (PPC) campaign is not turning a profit and I would like expert advice on how to change that ASAP.”

If your existing PPC campaign is underperforming our resident PPC expert will review your campaigns to provide actionable recommendations for improving conversions and streamlining management. Go directly to our pay per click audit service for more information.

Social Media Marketing by StepForthTOPIC: Social Networking, Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management

A question begins here“I want to use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to make me money but I don’t know how to do that.”

We need to talk to you more about what you want to achieve from social networking. Once we know more about your goals we will have a much better idea of where to steer you in terms of the services we can offer you. In many cases you will just need some basic training on the best ways to interact on various social properties like Twitter; each property has their very own ettiquette that is very important to be aware of.

A question begins here“I need to have a particular search engine ranking removed because it doesn’t look good for my business.”

It sounds like you need a service called online reputation management (ORM). In the ideal situation reputation management is the art of making sure your company’s reputation is constantly maintained online; that is the pro-active approach. In your situation, we would create a custom strategy to reactively repair your company’s reputation by moving out the negative search engine ranking(s) that are impacting your business. Give us a call for more information and see our reputation management services page.

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