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How to Market on Video Sharing Sites

How to Market on Video Sharing Sites

Video sharing is one of the foremost methods of social marketing and it requires different technologies from the previously discussed text-based social marketing formats. The following are some of the top video sharing sites:

  1. YouTube: YouTube is the premier video sharing website exponentially out-distancing its competitors in terms of traffic and popularity.
  2. Metacafe: claims a global audience of 16 million unique visitors and offers a free video editing package to its users along with decent payouts to those whose videos appear on the front page.
  3. Vimeo:  geared toward those who are passionate about creating high-quality video, the platform restricts uploads and allows only professionally created footage. Users enjoy high rates of feedback from their peers.

Associated Marketing Strategy

Videos have the power to catch on and travel through millions of desktop screens within a matter of hours. I am not going to tell you how to create a quality video but I’m sure you’re familiar with at least a few videos that have gone viral. What I can tell you is that whatever you do create for video sharing sites should be uploaded to as many sites as possible – there is no harm in doing this. Furthermore, when you upload each video it is crucial that you creatively populate the video title, description and keyword/label fields with words that both ignite the interest of viewers and allow the video to be found. Did what I just say sound familiar? It should, after all optimizing a video for the Internet is currently no different than optimizing a page was using META description and keyword tags back in 1997. Just be careful not to spam the site; craft your tags very carefully in order to be found in the dirge of competing content.

Once you have uploaded all of your videos, share the video across your various social profiles. Create a slick introduction to your video on each of these profiles and then link it back to your main blog where the video is embedded. Please Continue to “Photo Sharing Sites“ OR choose from the following directory:

  1. Social Networking Sites
  2. Business Networking Sites
  3. Social (Collaborative) Bookmarking Sites
  4. Content Voting Sites
  5. News Sharing Sites
  6. Collaborative Directories
  7. Video Sharing Sites
  8. Photo Sharing Sites

You can also download our PDF called “Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing” created August 2012.  Please note, any changes or updates that have occurred on our website since then may not be reflected in this document.