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How to Setup Google Authorship: The Unofficial Manual

How to Set Up Google Authorship

What is Google Authorship?

A graphic of the book coverAuthorship WAS Google’s answer to identifying the true owner of unique content written online so the original author could obtain the credit they deserved. The Authorship process was brought about for many reasons but one of the simplest was to attribute the ownership of a piece of content which may have been duplicated on the net to the true, original author. As such, the original content would receive the benefit of their work versus others who copied the content and are trying to benefit from it. The trick, which this manual focuses on, is to ensure your Authorship is in place on your website.

The Temporary(?) END to Google Authorship

In late August, 2014, Google’s John Mueller informally announced they would “stop showing authorship in search results”. To many, this spelled the end of this divisive Google experiment; however, recently (Oct 2015) Google’s Gary Illyes suggested leaving Google Authorship installed on websites because they may use it in the future. No one outside of the Google inner circle really understands what that means, but it seems authorship may have a future yet.

The Unofficial Manual

If you would like to go ahead and install authorship, the tutorial you need can be downloaded in PDF format here.

We Are Here to Help

If any of this is too daunting or you simply don’t have the time, we are here to help you. Please submit a service request and we will respond promptly.