Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions – Hold on Google!


Welcome the new Microsoft… the media mogul and software giant

Google has proven it works, so guess what? Microsoft is now jumping on board and I expect they will be astounded by their positive reception because this is a great addition of quality advertising territory. Microsoft has launched a powerful advertising solution called Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions that will allow advertisers to get exposure across the following brands:

  • MSN
    Engage up to 380 million users with your advertisement on this popular portal.
  • XBOX
    Advertise directly to the gamers while they surf their XBOX Live sites.
  • Windows Live
    This new brand will gain a significant following over the next few years and as Microsoft puts it this “is a highly desireable audience” packed full of confident online consumers.
  • Microsoft Office Online
    Microsoft is targeting enterprise advertisers for this site that is designed as a technical extension of the popular Office suite of applications.
  • Windows Mobile
    Send text ads or interactive images direct to handhelds through this portal for mobile users.
  • Microsoft TV
    Here is an opportunity for exposure across Microsoft’s new age IPTV system that will provide broadcast-quality video and television to users.

So what does this all mean? Microsoft has finally clued in to the online advertising revolution and opened the doors to becoming much more than a software manufacturer. Now you can advertise across Microsoft’s considerable network in areas that you never could before.

Hmm, I wonder if they will start to buy up newspapers soon? :-)

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