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Value Added Reseller

StepForth Web Marketing considers itself to be a Value-Added component of your business. More often than not, you will have an established relationship with the client. Frequently, the client doesn’t even know the web marketing work has been outsourced to a professional web marketing firm. In circumstances like these, it is simplest for your company to handle the client relationship and contract StepForth for the assessment and implementation of our web marketing services.

Value-Added accounts are generally fast and easy to coordinate as all participants are clear about each other’s role in the overall game plan.

The Contract Process
The contract-to-completion process for Value-Added accounts generally follows these steps:

  • Initial consultation and proposal
    » Your company contacts StepForth with a request for proposal (RFP), including a proposal deadline date
    » StepForth reviews RFP and either prepares proposal within 48 hours of the proposal deadline or calls you for clarification. StepForth proposals generally contain detailed analysis of our recommendations including a custom web marketing strategy with timelines and cost structures.
  • Your review of StepForth’s Proposal and client consultation
    » You and your client discuss the web marketing strategy based on information provided in the proposal
    » Client either agrees to proposal or requests more information. If the client requires more information, please inform StepForth as soon as possible so we can research, prepare and forward whatever the client needs.
  • Your client accepts our proposal and indicates he/she wishes to proceed
    » StepForth requires a deposit before we are able to commence our work
    » Upon receipt of the deposit, StepForth commences work
    » Sometimes the web marketing effort requires the purchase of third party elements such as unique domain names or the creation of portal websites. We will have discussed these elements and responsibilities in our proposal document.
  • Reporting and Communications
    » StepForth will forward monthly reports to your office allowing you to review them before sending them off to your clients
    » StepForth would also prefer to communicate with the client through our Value-Added resellers. Again, we assume you have an established relationship with the client and may have not informed the client about the outsourcing of the web marketing work.
  • Billing
    » Client billing will be left up to you, however StepForth will invoice your company as if you were the client. As a Value-Added reseller, all contracts are between StepForth and your company.

Commissions for Value-Added Resellers
Commissions are not included for Value-Added resellers. It is expected that a Value-Added reseller will be up-selling StepForth’s services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss a specific situation.

To apply to resell StepForth’s Web Marketing services simply contact us by:

  • Calling us toll free (North America) 877-385-5526
  • Internationally 011 250-385-1190 or
  • Email info@stepforth.com