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Direct Sale Reseller

A Direct-Reseller account is one in which your company sends StepForth a pre-arranged sales lead. In this case, you will have already “sold” the client on StepForth services. We pay Direct-Sale Reseller accounts a 10% commission on all packages [on the total fee minus any 3rd party costs] for the initial contract. Please note that this does not provide a commission on all future services for that client unless otherwise negotiated or prearranged with StepForth.

The Contract Process

The contract-to-completion process for Direct-Sale accounts generally follows these steps:

  • Consultation between your office and the potential client
    » The potential client will come to you seeking a solution. You recommend us and explain to the potential client how our services work. The potential client leaves with all-important StepForth contact information.
  • Client contacts StepForth, generally with their own Request for Proposal (RFP)
    » At this point, StepForth assumes responsibility for communications with the client. We will have a proposal emailed to the client within 72 hours of the original RFP.
  • When Potential Client becomes a Client
    » StepForth pays reseller commissions based on the schedule we receive payment for our services. StepForth charges a deposit upfront.
  • Reporting and Communications
    » All reports and communications will be conducted directly between StepForth and the client. In certain circumstances, the client may request StepForth forward specific or general communications to your company for auditing and diligence purposes.

Direct-Sale Commission Details

  • Commission payment is made in synchronization with StepForth’s payment from the Client.
    » As StepForth receives a deposit upfront, a Direct-Sale reseller can expect a payment of 10% of the deposit as soon as we have processed it
    » The remainder of the commission will be paid out on completion of the contract, or as payment is received by StepForth. For instance, some contracts split the final billing into two payments. In similar circumstances, you can request a proportional amount of your commission be paid as our billings are received or you can wait until the final commission is available
    » Commissions do not apply to monthly maintenance fees unless an annual contract was signed. In these cases, your commission for monthly maintenance is factored into your overall commission.
    » Commissions do not apply for any future contracts unless otherwise negotiated with StepForth. Such negotiations must be agreed to via a specific contract. Informal agreements via email are not applicable.

To apply to resell StepForth’s Web Marketing services simply contact us by:

  • Calling us toll free (North America) 877-385-5526
  • Internationally 011 250-385-1190 or
  • Email resellers@stepforth.com