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Step 2. Website Audit

After deconstructing your competitor’s web marketing techniques (Step 1) we need to become intimately aware of the current state of optimization for your website and where it needs to be improved for future marketing.Upon completion of this step we will have a significantly clearer picture of the current status of your website and another step closer to creating the ultimate Custom Web Strategy (Step 4).

Your website audit will be an analysis of your own website using many of the competitor analysis aspects.

This website audit process will include:

Section 1) Link Popularity Analysis and Audit

How many links are pointing to your website and how effective are they? This is followed by recommendations for improving or expanding your website’s link popularity.

Section 2) Search Engine Friendly Analysis

How well designed is your website for the search engines? There are specific ways to create a website to maximize the potential for search engine rankings. Our analysis will point out what is working on your website and what could be improved.

Section 3) Website Analytics Review

How well does your website function for converting visitors to buyers/leads? What areas of your website are turning visitors away in seconds and what keywords did they use to find the page that turned them off? Website analytics can be incredibly complex depending on the website but using StepForth’s analytics expertise we can provide a great deal of insight into the inner workings of your website. The goal will be to create a plan for improving your website’s ability to make you money.

Section 4) Keyword Research

What keywords is your website currently ranking for? Our analysis will probe the rankings you may have and determine whether the keywords you have chosen to promote are actually searched for by your target market. Our summary will include recommended changes or additions to your keywords, as applicable.

Section 5) Competitor’s Comparative Review

How do you stack up to your competitors? Using the results of the Competitor Analysis we will determine what tactics your website should adopt that your competitors have successfully employed. In addition we may outline the advantages your website currently has over your competitors.

Section 6) Summary of Website Audit

The website audit will have revealed some if not many areas for improvement on your website which will be summarized here in the form of an action plan.

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