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As a company that works with a high percentage of WordPress websites, we know and love the platform. That said, like any other broadly adopted content management system (CMS), WordPress requires attention in order to maintain its security and to ensure your website is running optimally.

We created StepForth Security Pro to ensure that your website is kept updated monthly and has the appropriate backups in place to rebound from any successful hacking attempts. We find that nearly 100% of our clientele are simply too busy running their business to stay on top of these updates.

Lastly, a hacked site without recent backups typically costs upwards of $300 to fix, not including the harm the hack has done to your online reputation, rankings, and overall traffic when visitors encounter browser warnings like the red alert shown below.

This warning is representative of a common alert Google provides within the Chrome browser when a site has been hacked and a person is about to visit it. This warning can do an incredible amount of immediate sales damage and long-term reputation smearing of your online brand.

StepForth’s WordPress website maintenance packages are broken up into four packages, two packages are for non-WP Engine hosted sites and the other two for WP Engine hosted sites.

Discount Included: If it turns out your site requires development/programming updates, we will offer this work at a 10% discount if you are on this plan. That is $85.50/hr vs. $95/hr; excluding any 3rd party rates in the rare instance where outside help may be required. This discount piles on savings on top of savings. All a part of our mandate to be your most trusted and valued web and web marketing service provider.

The Gamut The Essentials

Service Packages

Not hosted with WP Engine Not hosted with WP Engine
Updates to WordPress
WordPress plugin and theme updates (2x per mo. or more if they’re critical updates)
Testing the site by hand after all updates to ensure it is working correctly
24/7 security configuration and monitoring
Daily website back-up with 90 days of history
One-click restoration of past back-ups
One-click recovery from site hacks
Up to one hour of updates to your website content per month (resets monthly)
Service Details
Daily backup of your website with one-click restoration
90 days of backup history
Daily automatic scans of your website to detect malware and other malicious code
Firewall implementation to increase site security against bad actors
Brute force attack prevention to automatically lock out anyone attempting to guess your passwords
We will update your WordPress and associated themes and plugins when alerted and test the site for issues that may arise because of the updates
Monthly Fee $150 $90

Pricing for Those Hosted with StepForth on WP Engine

(plus hosting)
(plus hosting)

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