SEO Specialist – Scott Van Achte

SEO Specialist – Scott Van Achte

Scott Van Achte is the Senior SEO Specialist at StepForth. He started working with StepForth back in 2003 and over the years he has gained an acute understanding of the ins and outs of search engines that has served his clients well.

What Scott Can Do For You

Scott specializes in implementing and managing SEO campaigns as well as providing clients with written SEO recommendations and competitor research. His search engine optimization campaigns and consulting has produced many satisfied clients who have seen and continue to see significant improvements in their search rankings.

“…I have recommended StepForth to many friends in need of the same services and benefits, we at CMC Espresso Inc. have never seen such a positive return on our advertising dollars and look forward to a long & profitable association with StepForth in the Future.

Bob Epresso

CMC Espresso

Feel free to drop Scott an email at [email protected] to learn how he can help you accomplish your SEO goals, or visit the StepForth Team Page to contact or learn about other professionals available to assist you at StepForth Web Marketing Inc.