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Does My Website Have a Google Penalty?

Does My Website Have a Google Penalty

Does My Website Have a Google Penalty

If you are visiting this page you are either curious about Google penalties or you are in the position where your website  may have a Google penalty but you are not sure.

If you are not sure you got a Google Penalty on your website consider the following questions:

  1. Did you lose ALL of your rankings all at once and has it been more than 2 weeks since it happened? If so, this is a very good indicator that your site has been penalized.Why 2 weeks? Well rankings can fluctuate out of the blue and come right back, as strong as ever, in a couple of weeks so it is best not to act hastily.
  2. Check your Google Webmaster Tools page and look for any messages direct from the Google Webmaster Team. Personally I have not seen this yet but I understand they occasionally notify a webmaster if a penalty has been applied and why. I imagine this would only happen, however, if your site looked to be mistakenly (NOT purposely) treading on Google’s Guidelines.
  3. Are your key rankings fluctuating substantially (pages up and pages down) all of a sudden? I consider this a great indicator that either a penalty has been applied OR the online version of the canary in the coal mine; fix whatever you did wrong ASAP!
  4. Sometimes, but not always, the PageRank meter on the Google Toolbar indicates when a web page has been penalized. For example, if you were caught selling links you may find your rankings have started to fluctuate slightly but more notably your PageRank went from a solid 6 to a 3 or 4. In that situation I would clean house as quickly as possible and get your website into tip top shape (that means stopping with the paid links – YESTERDAY!).

If you have a unique situation where you are still not certain what has happened with your website rankings please contact us or request a some consulting hours. Often, in just a couple of hours we can get to the bottom of the situation while providing proven advice for getting your site back on top of results.