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SEO 101 Interviews Mike Blumenthal

Professor Maps joins us to discuss the ins-and-outs of the current local SEO landscape along with the importance of leveraging existing relationships after you obtain them through the Google or Facebook sales funnels. This June 26, 2017 SEO 101 podcast is available...

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Knowledge Graph & Local Tests

Hosts Ross and John review Google UI tests found in the wild, a blackhat SEO tip, John’s foray into buying a home assistant, and we answer three questions from the SEO 101 community. This June 12, 2017 SEO 101 podcast is available now: listen or Download (right click...

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Bing’s Local Bots, SEO Myths and Q&A

In this episode Ross is joined by stand-in guest host, Scott Van Achte. The show was very diverse. It covered everything from Bing providing bot access to restaurants in local listings, to Yelp’s trust factor, algorithmic shifts at Google as of late, and a discussion...

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Google Local Tests & Low Quality Content

Google has been testing a lot lately and we have a few pieces of intel to pass along thanks to the ever attention SEO industry; they don’t miss a beat! John and Ross also discuss their various perspectives on identifying and handling low quality content within their...

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Project Owl, Google News and Future Tech

Google’s Project Owl is discussed along with some new finds from hyperaware Google watchers such as a potential Job Search system in the wings. John discusses noindexing duplicate content in news feeds and why it’s bad advice from Google. Ross praises Google on...

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Google Crack Down on Unethical Partners

Google is finally policing Google Partners with stricter policies due to misrepresentation issues. Also, updates to Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines show an increased interest in minimizing the visibility of lower quality content and, more pointedly, fake news. This...

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Natural News is back in Google’s Index

Today's show touches on Google's confirmation of an on-site penalty and Natural News is back in Google’s index. They also mention Google now says it will issue manual actions, but also offers advice on how to clean up the unwanted redirects. Mueller files talks about...

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Google on How to Hire SEOs

Google releases a video on how to hire SEOs. Read Your Text Out Loud… If it doesn’t sound right, it may not rank well. Manipulating the Back Button does not impact rankings. Fast Track Indexing vs. Normal Indexing. Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you...

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SEO Insights and Tips from Googlers

SEO insights and tips are featured from a variety of Googlers who were vocal this last few days: Maile Oyhe, Gary Illyes, and John Mueller. This February 16, 2017 SEO 101 podcast is available now: listen or Download (right click and save). Tune in to SEO 101 LIVE...

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Google Local SEO News and Patents

Google is now allowing people to save and socially share their favorite places within lists… about frigg’n time! Also Yelp announced a new feature to allow people to ask questions of a certain location. One problem I see is that anyone can answer… meaning reputation...

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