Summary of SEO 101 Episode 391

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The hosts discuss the meeting between the excellent Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Round Table and Martin Splitt from Google about Google’s relationship with the SEO community. They also delve into rare updates from that other search engine, Bing, some interesting local SEO news, a number of Mueller files, and a listener’s SEO question.

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Is Amazon about to eat Google’s lunch?





Google on its Relationship With SEOs


Google Talks About Private Support For Google Search & SEO


Bing Improves Key Search Features 


Bing Gains Voice Search Option On Desktop Search 


Google Supports New Structured Data for Retailers (for Co’s without Merchant Center Accounts) 





Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Service Area Businesses & Virtual Offices


Google Updates Document On How Reviews Impact Local Rankings 


Products – appears for some HVAC clients, but not others



Mueller Files


The Context Around Links Is Secondary But Anchor Text Is Primary


Google On Link Algorithms and How Long for Links to Work


Wayback Machine Does Not Impact Your Google Rankings



Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Lukasz Adam: “Hey guys, another question since I got so much help last time. I’ve changed my “published-on-dates” to “updated-on-dates”, now Google thinks my article was published yesterday……and the article is one year old. Can this have any bad side-effects?

I am using something called Jekyll as a static site generator because it makes pages extremely fast. While using it, I’ve simply changed the dates to when I’ve updated my articles. Then I checked with the “first-time-in-the-index” tool and it showed me the updated date. I guess this isn’t the right practice, right? Should I simply use the JSON schema code to markup updates?”



End of Show Notes

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