Summary of SEO 101 Episode 389

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From the Google local algorithm to Google Discover, Ross and John discuss the algorithmic glitches and weirdness over the past few weeks. They also talk about picking the best domain for a rebranding, the nosnippet tag, the pros and cons of allowing guests posts, and more.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 389



Back to school


Puppy update?





Google: It’s Unlikely Core Web Vitals Will Become The Primary Ranking Factor


Google Local Algorithm & Ranking Weirdness Last Week


Google Discover dropped to zero after August glitch

Let’s talk Google Discover


Google says you can recover from core updates without a new core update

  • Over a year ago — “Google said that “content that was impacted by one might not recover – assuming improvements have been made – until the next broad core update is released.”
  • Last Friday — “it’s not something that requires a site to kind of wait for the next update to have a chance to be seen differently. They can continue working on things and things can improve over time.” Mueller said that it is “possible that our next core update will make a bigger change in the same direction that you’ve been working, and you’ll see a bigger change in your site’s performance as well.”





Rebrand for Local Spa – [new_brand].com OR [new_brand]



Mueller Files


John Mueller: The Global Search Personality Of The Year


NoSnippet Explained

“No, nosnippet is just to prevent text from the page from being used as a snippet. The page and a title may still be shown. Usually for sitelinks, the problems I’ve seen come from a site-structure that can be improved (internal linking).”



Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Matthew Playle:I have a newish website (4ish months old) with only around 10k words of content so not expecting much of anything. But the discrepancy between GSC and Bing wonders if I have GSC/Analytics setup incorrectly. In GSC, last 28 days there’s a whopping 2 impressions. Bing on the other hand same period shows 78 impressions. GSC shows 0 errors, pages are indexed. Google search with site modifier shows the pages. Generally I’m hedging towards Google sandbox and Bing algorithm differences.”

Lori Martin: Hi there. I just came across your podcast. Good Stuff!, which is an area I am so interested in and get a lot of questions from my clients. I love that your approach is down to earth. The podcast I heart mentioned an upcoming paid GMB listing. I have heard whispers about this. So if a business has a GMB listing do you think they will lose traction and have to pay to play?”

Mike Turner: Hi I have been approached by a company wanting to guest post on my site. This company Thinking that extra well written content might be ok for my visitors, but do you think it could damage my SEO? thanks in advance.”



End of Show Notes

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