Summary of SEO 101 Episode 380

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Scott and Ross discuss a wide variety of news in this episode. From Google’s latest conference video series and dissuading people from believing EAT is in the algorithm, to a reminder that calls to action are a key component of web design and search success. The show rounds out with answers to two great questions from our listeners.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 380

General SEO News

Google Launching New Video Series to Replace In-person Conference

  • Released conference videos from November Summit


Google Suffers Major Defeat – Must Pay French Publishers

Google lost an important case in France requiring Google to compensate French news publishers for using their content unless they have agreed to provide it to Google for free. 

In 2019, rather than comply with a requirement for Google to negotiate a fair payment system to News organizations, Google simply withdrew from showing french news. Opting only to display content only when publishers provide it free of charge. 

Most publishers have granted Google free licenses.

Creates a precedent for Google having to pay news publishers for snippets


Google Again: EAT Not In Algorithm But Hope It Aligns With Ranking Factors

Calls to Action – Often Forgotten

Notes from my reviews.


Google postpones Google Partners program changes slated for June


Side Note: YouTube launches Video Builder, a lightweight ad creation tool for businesses

Why We Care: The YouTube Video Builder allows businesses with less multimedia experience or resources to generate quick video ads. For more established brands and agencies, it may also be a good tool for quickly testing new messaging and assets.

Additionally, due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person video shoots may not be an option. Tools such as the Video Builder can be used with existing assets to help brands stay fresh in the minds of their customers as well as keep them informed.


Mueller Files

Google is Fixing an Issue Affecting Large Images in Google Discover


Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and Scott also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Dorsey McFadden: “I just found out I’ll be losing my digital marketing position July 1. How can you argue with the economy and a virus! 😒 You can’t, so I refuse to wallow. I’ll land on my feet. 🍀

My question is, with the little time I have left, what can I do to boost results such that they realize how beneficial SEO truly is?

The one caveat is that they’re stuck in a pre Gutenberg WordPress build due to a way overdue redesign. This has stopped me from doing many things in the past. Now it’s debilitating for my position.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. 😌”

Jacob Fitzpatrick: “What’s the latest on the GMB short name glitch? Is it safe to use them yet?”


End of Show Notes

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