Summary of SEO 101 Episode 377

The SEO 101 Logo for WebmasterRadio.FMThis week John and Ross interview Ryan Miller, Senior SEO Strategist at Yahoo News & Entertainment. The interview delves into many aspects of his job: from day-to-day SEO, to training, suggested SEO tools, and more. The show ends with the three SEOs answering questions found on the SEO 101 Facebook Group posted by SEO 101 listeners.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 377

General News

Guest Ryan Miller. Senior SEO Strategist at Yahoo! News & Entertainment

So how did you get into SEO?

Describe a Day doing SEO for Yahoo?

What is the most common SEO issue you find you need to remind your in-house content creators?

What tools if any do you seem to use the most?

One word/phrase answer. What are you focusing on as far as changes in the industry go these days?

How do you track SEO success for Yahoo?


Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Brenda Michelin “Mystery here. If you mis-spell “Belldini”, using Beldini. The meta description for the identical URL is different if you correct the spelling to Belldini. How does that happen, how can a single URL have two meta descriptions?”

Carl Busch Do you think Google is breaking copyright laws by displaying rich snippets on search?”


End of Show Notes

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