Summary of SEO 101 Episode 376

The SEO 101 Logo for WebmasterRadio.FMThis week John and Ross discuss how an enterprise-level company shared SEO deficiencies in a quarterly report to shareholders revealing SEO 101 level issues. Then, after discussing some useful intel on the Coverage Report in Google Search Console, the discussion turns to the latest news on local SEO and Google My Business.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 376

General News

TechTarget cites technical SEO issues as reason for 25% decline in Google traffic

Ross Rant – Google’s New Partner Program Debacle

Having one user Google Ads certified will no longer cut it. Agencies will need to have at least half of the users who have admin or standard access to their manager account take and pass the relevant certification tests (Search, Display, Video, Shopping).” –

Get Google to Index Your Site With the Coverage Report

A Note on Cloudinary Pagespeed Auditor

Sample results: Here


Local SEO

No, the Google My Business description does not impact ranking

Update from Last Show: Google resolves rejected Posts problem

“Last week many local SEOs discovered that their Google Posts were being rejected. The speculated reason was that images in these Posts violated Google’s guidelines. However, according to a Tweet yesterday from Mike Blumenthal, a “fix” went live yesterday allowing new Posts to publish.” –

Google My Business Notifying After Deleting Reviews

Francisco CV shared a screenshot of Google My Business emailing him after a review was deleted from his (or his clients) Google local listing. The email comes from Google My Business with the subject line “We have deleted a review of your business profile.”

Are cities and zip codes in the footer still a thing?

Check out this example of zip spam… yikes: Example


Questions from SEO 101 Listeners

Ross and John also welcome some SEO-related concerns from listeners. Please listen to the show to find out their detailed answers to these questions.

Noah Lam “Can someone explain link juice. Does it include internal links pointing to pages on your website or external links pointing to your pages on your website?”


End of Show Notes

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