Summary of SEO 101 Episode 375

The SEO 101 Logo for WebmasterRadio.FMThis week John and Ross discuss Google’s dumpster fire that is Google My Business reveals another bug, Facebook’s purchase of an augmented reality (AR) startup brings to mind the likelihood of SEO with AR, and a clickthrough study shows interesting data on what drives clicks in search engine results.

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Notes from SEO 101 Episode 375

General News

Big Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update – Currently Unconfirmed

“here may be a really big, maybe even massive, Google search ranking algorithm update going on right now. Starting on Friday/Saturday the chatter within the SEO community as well as the signals from the automated rank checking tools began to explode.”  –

Facebook buys AR startup building a 1:1 digital map of the physical world

The company claims its visual-positioning system “provides centimeter-level location recognition at a previously unprecedented scale.” –

Survey: Influence on Clickthrough

Survey of 500 participants
Description: 62.9% (315)
Brand Name: 24.2% (121)
Title: 13% (65)

Also notes that 66.7% said that too many ads make users want to use Google less.
This contradicts a study in December of 2018 which said 75% feel ads make it easier to find information.
Survey by Ignite Visibility: Learn more

Local SEO

Google My Business Bug? Google Posts Being Rejected In Masses

“The post is actually showing in search but marked as rejected in the GMB dashboard.  Something is very broken 😝” –

Rob DiSalvo: “I may have found a way around this I was having the same issue.. I found if I publish the text version of my post and publish then come back and edit that post and add the picture the post is approved and published.”

3 Reasons Why You Should Ignore the Views Metric in Google My Business Insights

“Rankings in competitive industries are almost always choppy” in Google Local

I have found that rankings in competitive industries (like legal) are almost always choppy. The larger the city, the more it will fluctuate. Here is a completely normal graph over 30 days.

Happy Birthday to Google Maps

 – Google Maps turned 15 last week.
– 1 Billion Active Monthly Users


End of Show Notes

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