Although Google My Business has been curtailing its services during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have finally provided business owners with a way to announce their special hours and operating circumstances using a new post-type in Google Posts. Up until now, companies were being updated to closed vs the reality that this is only a temporary situation. If you are a business owner I strongly suggest you head into your Google My Business listing and add your COVID-19 update.

How to Post Your COVID-19 Notice

The posting feature is no different than making other posts except there now is another option that clearly states it is focused entirely on the current crisis. The one important note I should make is that if you choose to add a button like “Call Now”, as we did, you may find the button doesn’t appear right away. In fact, we don’t know if it will appear at all since Google My Business is not exactly running on all cylinders at the moment; they have scaled back staffing and expect extensive delays for the approval of profile changes, etc.

If you are not familiar with how to make a post, here is a quick explainer video to help you out.