Summary of SEO 101 Episode 371

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This special episode revisits some of the most significant Google updates and issues that caused a stir in the SEO industry in 2019.

Among the topics that Ross and John discussed in previous episodes include Google Search Console’s canonical URL option, Google June Core Update, new Google Maps features, Google search pagination tests, and more.


Notes from SEO 101 Episode 371

Google Search Console to consolidate Search Performance reports to canonical URL – Search Engine Land

“Why is it important? Before [Google Search Console] had canonicals, you could have authority… page authority spread across different versions of the same content just because the URL is different.

Then they provided a canonical option. This was where you could specify now ‘This is the page.’ It allowed you to consolidate all that authority to one URL.” – Ross

Google June Core Update. Big and still rolling out. – Search Engine Roundtable

The core update resulted in some webmasters seeing big gains while others suffering big losses.

“This is a core update, so this is definitely going to be noticeable. There are changes, fairly significant one.” – Danny Sullivan


Google Lets Restaurants & Customers Add/Edit Popular Dishes – Search Engine Roundtable

This new feature has allowed Google Maps users to find the most popular restaurant dishes in a local area. Google said restaurant business owners and customers alike can now add and edit names of dishes in the Business Profiles on Google Maps.


Now, more than 50% of Google searches end without a click to other content, study finds – Search Engine Land

Rand Fishkin’s SparkToro conducted a study that showed more than half of Google searches ending right on the SERP. This means the searcher wouldn’t click on any organic or paid search result.

“Essentially, people are less likely to click through your website now.” – Ross

“It is really concerning to many business owners. I can only imagine how concerning it is to news organizations.” – Ross


Google Considers Notifying Webmasters For Featured Snippet Penalties – Search Engine Roundtable

“It’s interesting that they are giving you notifications when you get schema penalties. Which, I think, are the (major reason) why you end up getting snippet penalties is because you’re abusing schema.” – John


Google Search Tests More Pagination Options: More Results, Infinite Scroll & More – Search Engine Roundtable

Google began doing more pagination tests for SERPs. These include showing the More Results button in desktop search results, infinite scroll, bigger fonts and snippet placement.


End of Show Notes

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