I’ve never found a better formula for web marketing in the last six years – what you need is a team of witty SEO masterminds, multiple projects, and 20 years of experience to deliver measurable results. This has been StepForth’s secret to success since 1997. My name is Chanelle, I am the newest addition to StepForth filling the position of Project Manager. While the StepForth team works hard to create solutions, I’m here to help manage all project task deliverables.

During my career, I have done everything from Project Management to Marketing. These roles have allowed me to work with a wide range of businesses to develop creative and innovative projects, winning several awards with the Young Menswear Association and National Retail Federation. Much like all project management jokes, I strive for efficiency to help people become better leaders and have the time to do what they love.

Everyone at Stepforth is so multi-talented and has so much to offer clients. I think that’s what makes the company so compelling. In the past, I too started my own business, did my fair share of freelance work, developed and managed million dollar product lines, and have helped many companies reach their goals across many industries.

While most of my experiences were down in Savannah, GA, I’m glad to be back in Victoria getting back to my west coast roots. Let’s be honest, though. When I’m not working you can catch me paddle boarding out in Brentwood Bay, taking weekend trips to the gulf islands, or sitting at an overpriced cafe trying to figure out how to code. Honestly, I’m on my third book and still struggling! Effort counts, right?

Cheers to the future – I look forward to working with everyone.