The Vine logoThe clock is ticking, and you have 6.5 seconds to make an impression. That’s the premise behind Vine, Twitter’s micro-video app that’s sweeping across social media platforms. While the majority of Vine videos are for entertainment purposes, businesses have caught on to the trend. reports that 87 percent of marketers in the U.S. use video for content marketing, so adopting Vine is a natural transition for many companies. But how are businesses supposed to make a point in such a short time span? Major businesses are getting creative and building their brands through these short clips.

Marketers have high-definition cameras, hughesnet plans and advanced analytics at their disposal, but these simple videos are leveling the playing field. Whether you’re trying to introduce a product or humanize your brand, consider these templates as you build Vine into your social media strategy.

Make an Impression

In a 6.5-second video, the worst thing you can be is boring. A Vine video doesn’t need a call to action or even specific information about your business. If it leaves viewers impressed, you just earned a small dose of brand loyalty. Samsung has a multi-million dollar advertising budget, but it isn’t too big to post this frivolous, creative video with a few smartphones. It may not make you want to run out and buy a Galaxy, but you’re probably more likely to follow Samsung on Twitter. This just goes to show that even a major brand’s social media strategy can use tactics a business of any size can adopt.

Offer Something of Value

Business should provide value. Most of the time this value comes through a business’ primary products or services, but that doesn’t mean it can’t branch out. Hardware giant Lowes is one of the few brands providing value on Vine with its #Lowesfixinsix series. These shorts videos demonstrate simple, practical home and living tips. If you can offer something of value in your videos, you’ll earn a whole new wave of followers.

Introduce a Product

Vine is one of the most exciting new platforms, so it’s an ideal place to make an exciting announcement. Major brands have turned to Vine to offer sneak peaks at their latest products. These seven-second clips offer more of a glimpse than photos without revealing too much. Puma leads the way with this simple motion-capture clip that reveals the newest member of its Faas line. Sneakerheads will have a hard time pulling away from this repeating video. Vine adds further buzz to a new product or service. Give potential customers a taste of what could be theirs.

Go Behind the Scenes

Social media enables businesses to express their personalities and connect with followers. With Vine, businesses can further break down the barriers that make them feel cold and distant. Start by humanizing your brand. Followers will be more likely to engage with your business if they are familiar with the real people behind the scenes. Hubspot’s Mike Volpe gave his followers an inside glimpse at the company’s impressive office.

(Photo:, user lookingforgoodpics)

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