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This is a shot in the dark to see if anyone would be interested in buying any of the following high quality social media domains I am entertaining offers for to raise money for my startup; we have plans for each domain but it would be great to get a cash injection.

If you are seriously interested in buying any of these, contact us with a reasonable offer (nothing under $4000. Still a bargain!) or call 1-250-385-1190 and we can discuss prices and terms.

All payments will be handled via Escrow to make this process comfortable & safe for all parties:

  • SocialMediaTactics.com
  • SocialMediaResults.com
  • SocialMediaPromotion.com
  • SocialMediaOptimizers.com
  • SocialMediaVisibility.com
  • SocialMediaLocally.com
  • SocialMediaCo.com
  • SocialMediaCompany.ca

All domains are owned by StepForth Web Marketing Inc.