This provocative title describes my presentation tomorrow (October 19th, 2013) at Victoria BC’s Blogger Bootcamp where I will be talking up a blue streak about the importance of Google Authorship for bloggers. I know, it is a title that deserves healthy skepticism and that was the point – bloggers especially need to understand Authorship is NOT to be taken lightly. Truly, ignore it a your peril!

Here is the official description of the presentation I will be giving:

Google has been struggling for years to find a noise-free signal that will allow them to eliminate low quality content from their search results while elevating the best content in order to create the ultimate, high quality search result. Well it seems Google has found and created such a signal called Authorship which will undoubtedly be a component of where, when and how well your content will rank in the future of search results. Ross Dunn will explain Authorship, how to set it up for various website platforms and give some insight into what you can expect from your hard work.

The only change I would have made is in the last sentence from “what you can expect” to “what you may expect” since so much of Google Authorship’s future is veiled in secrecy and hearsay. That said I have been around the block a few times in the past 16 years of search engine marketing so I think I have a few decent bets on what is to come.

I hope you can join me at the Bootcamp and if you are in the area but haven’t signed up then please register here and enjoy a whole host of great presentations from leaders in their field.

If you can’t make it then I will try to recap the hotpoints of my presentation on the October 28th edition of SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM.

Also, if you have not installed Google Authorship already then please feel free to reference a detailed manual I put together on the steps required for various website setups: How to Setup Google Authorship